Saturday, April 18, 2015

Enter Vadania

My childhood was a time of simple innocence.

I lived In a village, deep in the wilds, with my family. I was raised by my mother and father among a tribe of elves. My father was not an elf, but instead a human. Apparently my mother had married another man before, who had fallen in battle, so the man I call my father was not biologically my parent.

The day I turned 100, I was tasked with finding an adult name for myself. Having found a good one, I returned to my camp, only to find it razed to the ground. Both my mother and father were slain in battle, as they had been striding in the open and were easy targets for the beast's wide swoops. I came across my mother's nearly dead body and rushed over to her side. The only words she spoke that I could make out were "Vadania", which roughly translates to goodbye in Elvish. From then on I decided that my adult name would be Vadania, and that I would spend my time
lingering in the shadows, waiting to strike, as that strategy would have been most effective against the green dragon that killed my family.

I came to Greenest to follow a lead I had on the cult of the dragon queen. There I met Auric and Kerri, who would become important allies for my quest in dismantling the cult of the dragon queen.

After breaking away from Auric I went to the harpers, figuring since I joined them I might as well see what they are like but after seeing their methods I realized I needed more power. Beginning to hunt down more and more cult members I spread my name while searching for this power, and finally found it in the name of the Zhentarim. Having no family left of my own, I found it only natural to join their ranks, and began to work for them, honing my skills even further.

Over the various trials I faced, I collected several items that will aid my quest for vengeance. First, I found an incredible broom of flying, hidden in a treasure hoard of the cult. After that I found a hat of disguise (Thanks to donor Austin Laughery). Finally I found a rapier called the Dragon Slayer (Thanks to donor Kevin Anderson) hidden deep within the recesses of an ancient shrine. In my solitude I trained steadfastly, in order to wield this new weapon I became a dual wielder, and my training also made me more alert to ambushes.

Having honed my skills, I am now ready to fight the dragons, and avenge my family.



Halfway video!

We made it halfway! Here's a video celebrating our progress thus far.

The end of the line PT II (Charimon)

Charimon reached the end of her life at the hour of 8:52 pm. Fighting the green dragon she was uncouncsiou and destabalized by the dragon's horrible poisonous breath. The first time, she was stabalized by her party member Akorishok. However! The second time death was the only option for Charimon. She welcomed death as she welcomed life. It came as no surprise to her, she reached the end.
Or did she? 

The End of the line - Written from the POV of Charimon (Katie)

As a cleric who serves the great God of murder Bhaal, I have a natural ability to sense when people should die. As our party fought the cult members and Blue Dragon on the boat, it became apparent to me that it was the end of the line for Clonk and Örök. However! But some unnatural intervention neither of them perished in the fight.
When things like this happen, its my duty as a servant of Bhaal to try and right the natural order. That's why, with semi-sadness I took it upon myself to kill both Clonk and Örök. When I explained to them what had happened both of them seemed ok with it.
Clonk and Örök departed our party in braveness and honor. In death they will be remembered as valiant members of our party.
I for one, am happy that I was able to maintain the natural order while helping my beloved god Bhall.

Goodbye Clonk and Örök.

A Duel of Dragons

As the party traveled back to Waterdeep from the Sea of Moving Ice, Kerri disembarked at the city of Luskan in order to meet up with the Arcane Brotherhood and return their stolen books. (And perhaps convince them to join the cause!) The rest of the party continued to sail south.

Sometime that afternoon, Charimon spotted a gold speck off in the distance, the sunlight making it sparkle like a far away gem. As it drew closer, Charimon recognized it as some sort of gold-skinned humanoid flying towards the ship.

A moment later, Auric the once-dragon "half-elf" landed on the deck of the ship, a giant grin on his face.

"Where's Kerri??" he asked. "I've been sent to join her and her friends."

Much to Auric's sadness, he learned that he would not be able to meet up with Kerri until the next Council of Waterdeep. Still, he had no time to feel lonely, for at that moment a sinister bluish shape appeared high in the sky, the sun framing its form: a blue dragon, with five people on its back.

The dragon tore down through the air, intent on engaging with the heroes. Auric immediately turned to his replacement-Kerri, the fighter Belkira (played by Colby), and made her and himself invisible. The black-robed assassins leapt from the back to attack the heroes. A furious battle ensued, in which the dragon's fearsome lightning breath weapon wreaked havoc on the heroes and the assassins alike. Fortunately, due to the quick thinking and martial prowess of the adventurers, the tide was soon turned in their favor.

The final blow of the battle was dealt by Auric: summoning every ounce of his draconic magic, he opened his mouth and released a deluge of flame upon the blue dragon, which staggered for a moment before toppling into the sea. It was a glorious day for flames.

Kerri's First Dragon

On our quest to find a scholar who could tell us about the Drakkhorn, we ventured into the Sea of Moving Ice north of the Sword Cost. Kerri hoped to face the white dragon Arauthator ("Old White Death") and free the nearby village of ice hunters from his thrall. We delved into caves deep in his iceberg lair, Oyaviggaton, sliding down an icy tunnel into a huge cavern.

Without any warning, a blast of icy breath hit us from the ceiling of the cavern. The blast downed Alaria and heavily injured the rest of the party - save for Belkira, whose draconic ancestry protected her from the cold. Looking up, we saw a white, reptilian shape hanging from the ceiling - Old White Death himself!

We quickly improvised a plan. Clonk and Charimon worked together to heal the party and ward them against the dragonfear, while the newly healed Alaria cast a fly spell on herself and Kerri. Kerri flew to attack Arauthator, gaining purchase on the dragon's back and stabbing into a weak point between its wings.

The rest of the party spread out on the ground, where they prepared for battle. Clayton transformed into a bear as Clonk continued to cast healing spells. The dragon shook Kerri off its back, but the fly spell kept her aloft as Alaria unleashed a flurry of blows with her twin swords.

Realizing that most of the party couldn't fight the dragon except on the ground, Kerri and Alaria coordinated a strike on the ice cavern's roof. Alaria weakened the ice (and hurt the dragon) with a fireball spell, then Kerri smashed the rest of the ice, knocking the dragon down and into the air.

This opened up an opportunity for Clayton's bear form. He leaped at the dragon, clinging to it and ripping through its scales. Belkira followed suit with her pike, driving it deep into the dragon's hide.

Injured, Arauthator fled through a hole in the ice. Although Clayton shifted into a shark in pursuit, he was unable to match the dragon's icy breath, which froze the water around him, immobilizing his shark form.

Kerri may not have slain this dragon, but she worked together with her friends to drive it away from its lair - and for that, she is happy. We found the dragon scholar Maccath the Crimson, and now the party journeys south to find the Cult's Wyrmspeaker, Varram.